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   PM Designer
Product No. Panelmaster
Product Name PM Designer
Product Information  
PM Designer introduction
  PM Designer is the HMI design & plan software , it's independent research and development
  by Cermate Inc.
  Including a lot of function industry needs . Software Version maintain &update continue ,
  do not worry about annoying BUG.
  It's no need to buy license , free to use , software could be executed on HMI/SCADA/WINCE
  multi-plate , welcome to download and try it!
  Now , here is some function about PM Designer.
 A?Project Features

 1.A project could be added multi-application , every application supports multi-link , link could be
    graphical , interface clear and easy to be managed .
    Screen could be 7999 pages maximun , it's classify into normal screen/windows screen/
    menu screen...etc

 2.Data/Marco/Tag could be global or native.

 3.Supply passwords to provent the others to change and copy project/marco/screen ...etc , protect your
    intellectual property . Support 8 sets user passwords , and 1 sets developer password .

 4.Support 12 sets "due day passwords" . The project couldn't be executed until you type the passwords
    in the specified day , reduce the case risk .

 5.Providing thousands of beautiful graphics library and built-in symbols for landscaping purposes.
    Support external import Bmp / Jpg / Wmf / Gif / PNG / SVG dynamic graphics display.

 6.Support export and import functions , the overall project, the screen, recipes, scheduling, labels ...etc
    can be imported & exported , easy maintenance and replacement.

 7.Support objects are set to the default . Any object can be saved as a pre-set format to allow users to
    plan their favorite objects and content . Such as background , font , frame , etc. , and supports multiple
    objects common settings.

 8.The same project corresponds to different sizes, HMI models , project objects , text and other items
    can be automatically scaled to fit the size , do not have to fine-tune one by one, improve work

 9.The software interface supports 3 languages. The project supports up to 142 languages and can display
    30 languages at the same time.

 10.Language / text support Unicode text encoding, the screen can display multiple languages, each
      language can be specified font font.Provide PM TextEditor editing tools to facilitate multi-language
      text translation and editing.

 11.Edit text can be selected in the default font settings within the template, with the Windows system
      can support any font font, the smallest font can support up to 6x8.The new on-demand font is more
      convenient when the design can be free to adjust the text font and size, but does not change the
      commonly used pre-selected font template font settings within the function.

 12.The layout of the software operation interface and the display of text icons can be freely changed ,
      and you can freely configure the layout of your favorite operation icons.

 13.The support object uses tags to provide object planning read and write addresses. It is convenient to
      change the PLC brands without re-creating the screen. It can be classify into local tags and global

 14.Built-in a large number of object libraries, such as: switches, indicators, numerical input device,
      instrument panel, pipeline, alarm, data collection, recipes, trends .... etc , Most of the objects support
      external import.

 15.Software support compiler function, if the compiler error can be automatically guided to the wrong

 16.Support for online / offline simulation, pre-test project.

 17.Software support executable files, project files, can / can not be decompile translation files, the
      Company to protect your intellectual property spare no effort.

 18.All products support horizontal / reverse (some features are not supported) display, a part of models
      support vertical display, can make installation changes for response to environmental requirements .

 19.Most of the objects support touch-enabled / disabled, hide / show function, and can set the user level
      & trigger bit, avoid accidental touch or without any instructions from the supervisor.

 20.All series of products support RTC (Real Time Clock) , daylight saving time adjustment, time can be
      synchronized to the PLC / computer, can also use the built-in clock

 21.Macro has a variety of functions and classify for different needed , such as: main macro, startup macro
      event macro, loop macro , on macro , off macro ... and so on.
      Support for many functions, such as: general / logical calculation, process control, file management
      system settings, communication .....etc , similar to C++ , also support comments , easy to learn and
      use.Various features are consistent with consumer habits and enhance user experience.

 B?Data management

 1.16 recipe blocks can be created maximun, each with a length of up to 8192 words and a total of 65,535
    recipes, supporting multiple data types, numeric scaling Range inspection, recipe name support ASCII
    and unicode ....etc, and can be used with battery backed ram , data can be lost.

 2.16 sets of datalogger can be set up, a group of datalogger sampling length could be 1023 Word
    maximun , with the trend graph can monitor 16 curves simultaneously.

 3.Support analog / digital alarm 64 areas each, each area could be 64 Word / Bit available ,also support
    the Email to send an alarm message , satisify your needed for alarm mornitoring.

 4.Support the operation recorder, most of the objects can be checked operation records, the user login /
    logout, button trigger, HMI on / off, communication error ,clear / save the data ....etc

 5.Support FTP server , the file can be stored / backed up to the FTP server via the external network, to avoid data loss caused by HMI damaged.

 6.Support TextEditor, directly export all language text, once modified and then re-import, save a lot of
    time and effort to modify the text object.

 C?communication features

 1.Cermate Inc. HMI connection type is divided into a direct connection, indirect connection
    communication services, gateway services, OPC connection.
    Except for OPC connections , the others are supported Com port and EtherNet.

 2.Direct connection: according to the PLC / external equipment, respectively, can take Com port
    232/422/485, and Ethernet EtherNet.

 3.Indirect connection:Devices doesn't connected with the HMI directly, can communicate with HMI
    through an indirect connection .

 4.Communication service:support Com port/EtherNet transparent communication, Can be used when the
    site conditions are not allowed Other HMI can communicate with PLC through Cermate HMI
    saving wiring.

 5.Gateway Services: This connection enables other devices, such as PC / Cermate HMI / other brands
    HMI to communicate with PLC via the Com port / EtherNet .

 6.OPC Connection: The OPC client driver allows monitor and collect any readable data after OPC UA
    servers connect to HMI. It provides multi-devices, such as PC / HMI, etc., can be communicated
    through this connection, so that exchange data securely and reliably .

 7.Suport Com port/EtherNet Sub-link , it can establish a sub-link table, you can open / close / monitor
    any communication connection.