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Product No. GX612-XSD
Product Name GX612-XSD
Product Information  
Model Name GX612-XSD
Sub-Models 4 / 5
Display Size 12.1"
Max. Resolution 1024*768
Type TFT LCD with LED Backlight
Max. Colors 16-bit
Backlight Life (hr) 50,000
Display Contrast 700:1
Luminance (cd/m2) 500
Touch Panel 5-Wire Analog Resistive Type
Backup SRAM 1MB
Working Memory 256MB
Built-in Storage Memory  1GB (64MB for Bulit-in WinCE V6.0 R3 OS)
Real-Time Clock (RTC) YES
Communication Interface Micro SD Slot YES
USB Client YES (2.0)
USB Host YES (1.1)
Serial (Com1) RS232/422/485
Serial (Com2) A-RS422/485 B-RS232/485 C-RS232 with RTS&CTS
Serial (Com3) RS232 only (optional:RS485 only)
Serial (Com4) N/A
Ethernet YES
Front Function Keys N/A
Audio out (optional) Sub-Model 5: YES
Video in (optional) N/A
Front USB Host Port N/A
Power Input 24VDC±10% Isolated
Consumption 20W
Environment Operating Temperature -25°C~70°C
Relative Humidity 10%~90%
Shock (operation) 10~55Hz (X,Y,Z direction, 1G, 30 Mins shock testing)
EMI FCC Part 15 Class A
CE EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4
UL Certification YES (UL508)
Ingress Protection IP66
Cooling Nature Cooling
Dimension WxHxD (mm) 317.4 x 243.8 x 58.2
Cutout Dimension WxH (mm) 302 x 228.0
Net Weight (kg) 2.2
Model Name LCD Size Resolution Operation Mode Sub Model Com2
GX 607 7" W 480 x 272 S Standard Mode T 4-wires Touch 4 1GB NAND Flash A RS422 / 485
608 8" 800 x 480 K Front Key + USB D 5-wires Touch RTC B RS232 / 485
610 10.4" 1024 x 600 U Front USB H Handheld ( Black ) Micro SD Slot C RS232 ( RTS / CTS )
612 12.1" T 800 x 600 X Extension Key J Handheld ( Orange ) Ethernet    
615 15" X 1024 x 768 F Front Key     5 4+Audio Out    
GX 612 X S D 4 A


GX612-XSD4 Cutout