Cermate HMI Gateway PanelMaster  S-Box PM Designer 人機介面 PanelExpress 屏通圖控 HMI in Hand 屏通掌控 PanelVision 屏通遠見 IDCS 屏通雲聯服務


HMI in Hand

Control and monitoring App for iOS & Android.

Monitor and set Data from a device

Setting device and monitoring.

Control multiple HMI and IoT gateways using mobile devices.

For Mobile Device

Supports iOS & Android smartphone / tablet PC/ smart TV.

Displays Real-time Data Analytics

With HMI in Hand you can perform both remote control and display real-time data analytics.

Easy to Use

Operation is simple.

Support HMI server models: PX/PT2/S-BOX

PX Series

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PT2 Series

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What software do you need?

Cermate HMI in HAND

Cermate t-Manger

Cermate Inter-Device Connection Service

Cermate Panel Express

Cermate Panel Vision

Cermate PM Designer



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