Cermate HMI Gateway PanelMaster  S-Box PM Designer 人機介面 PanelExpress 屏通圖控 HMI in Hand 屏通掌控 PanelVision 屏通遠見 IDCS 屏通雲聯服務


IDCS (Inter-Device Connection Service)

Connect to multiple devices, more safety.

The evolution of connectivity service

»Security: Keep data safe by keeping it entirely separate from the internet.

»Speed: Reduce IT development times and easy setup.

»Cost-Effective: Pay for what you use with consumption -based pricing. 

»Control: Establish connections quickly, get utilization reports, and threshold alerts. 

Complete access to PLC.

The best solution for Data Transfer.

Monitoring and operating devices on your Android phone or tablet.

Device connections and Data instantaneous through IDCS.

Multiple Device interconnect through IDCS.

What software do you need?

Cermate HMI in HAND

Cermate t-Manger

Cermate Inter-Device Connection Service

Cermate Panel Express

Cermate Panel Vision

Cermate PM Designer



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