Cermate HMI Gateway PanelMaster  S-Box PM Designer 人機介面 PanelExpress 屏通圖控 HMI in Hand 屏通掌控 PanelVision 屏通遠見 IDCS 屏通雲聯服務

Cermate HMI Gateway PanelMaster  S-Box PM Designer 人機介面 PanelExpress 屏通圖控 HMI in Hand 屏通掌控 PanelVision 屏通遠見 IDCS 屏通雲聯服務


Cermate HMI Gateway PanelMaster ES Box PM Designer 人機介面 PanelExpress 屏通圖控 HMI in Hand 屏通掌控 PanelVision 屏通遠見 IDCS 屏通雲聯服務

Cermate HMI Gateway PanelMaster ES Box PM Designer 人機介面 PanelExpress 屏通圖控 HMI in Hand 屏通掌控 PanelVision 屏通遠見 IDCS 屏通雲聯服務

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HMI , Gateway

What are features for Cermate HMI?

We provide comprehensive models and customized services by customer request.

 Screen size: 4.3”-15”

 Isolated Power design

 Fast power on

 Comprehensive communication interface

 Multiple I/O

 Robust protection

How to enter HMI panel setup mode?

Pin point the upper-left, upper-right, upper-left corner of the screen

sequentially, after "Bi" sound, you can enter HMI Panel Setup Mode.

How to copy USB data to HMI?

Use copy function on HMI Panel Setup Mode.

How to run AP directly after power on?

On HMI Panel Setup Mode, set True for Run AP directly after power on.

What is the difference for open frame and general HMI unit?

Open frame model has no housing case. Cermate can provide flexible

hardware design capability to meet customer needs.

What are functions/features for Cermate Gateway(S-Box)?

 When using HMI that has no Ethernet port, you can use S-Box to upload data to the cloud.

 Can send data to multiple PLCs .

 Have data management/data analysis/graphic control/data log functions.

 Have static/dynamic scheduling functions.

 Support watch-dog.

 12V~30V isolation power design.

 Alarm message warning/real-time email sending.

 Support over 450 PLC communication protocols and more than 300 communication drivers.


What is Cermate solution for Industry 4.0?

It is Industry 4.0 now, Cermate can provide total solutions for hardware and software.



 HMI connections device through PLC can always watch the device in the real-time base.


 When use the serial HMI type,if we're going to upload data through the cloud,S-BOX is the right choice.

 Sharing data and renew the application to more PLC.

 Support preschedules function to static program or dynamic program.

 Real-time data / data analytics /graphic control planning and record data.

 The "watchdog" function will be activated when sensing overheating the message form the S-BOX after continuously using it for a long time.

 Electromagnetic Interference will affect running programs,but 12-30V disconnecting power supply design can blocking interference.

 Warning notice from the system with machine problem.

 Support different devices with multiple drivers.


 HMI in Hand : Mobile Devices Controlling & Monitoring

Android Application

Description: Use the mobile device controlling and monitoring anytime.

 t-Manager : Setting parameter of IDCS:

Description: Setting parameter of IDCS from t-manager before Renew and upload PLC.

 Inter-Device Connection Service

Description: Renew PLC problem from IDCS.

 PM Designer: HMI Development Software

Description: HMI Design Made easy with PM Designer

 PanelExpress: HMI Runtime Software

Description: When you finished HMI design in PM Designer and then use Panel Express to preview API.

 PanelVision: Remote Devices Controlling & Monitoring Data Management Software

Description: Real-time multi-screen display and operation on PanelVision

Can I use portable device to monitor HMI?

Please use HMI in Hand.


What software do I use for transparent function?

Please use t-Maganger.


What are benefits for IDCS?

IDCS can achieve seamless connection for the device data and application requirements of IIoT .

Can I design HMI drawing myself?

Please use PM Designer.


When multiple devices in field, if I want to monitor all these devices in one screen, what software do I use?

Please use PanelVision.



Can I connect HMI's USB and PLC?

HMI's USB can only connect to mouse/keyboard.

If PLC connects to HMI, how does PC communicate to PLC?

Please use IDCS to connect PLC.

Can I use one PLC to connect two HMIs?

Please use the following methods.

 PLC that has two I/O that can connect to HMIs.

 Use Gateway.

 Use Modbus communication.

 Use 2 To 1 connection.

When I use one PLC to connect two HMIs, how do I set for two HMIs connection?

Link properties for the second HMI set to "Communication Service(COM)", and Device/Server set to "PanelMaster 2-to-1 Server(COM)".

When two PLCs connect to one HMI, how do I set for RS485?

Please use following methods.

 When HMI has two serial ports, set two serial ports in HMI.

 Set Sub-link in HMI.

When to use "Sub-link"?

When HMI uses RS485 to connect multiple devices, the sub-link is shown.

How to disable showing communication error message for HMI?

In PM Designer, in Link Properties, set the duration 0 sec for showing communication error message.



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